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The warm-up of this exercise usually starts with the person standing with legs apart known as tree balance. After awhile, the individual should slowly lift onto the balls of the feet with one leg going up alternately. After a few reps, this is the time the person will move the arms. This is called the prayer position in which both palms meet together above the head and then move slowly down until it reaches the front of the chest. 

However, just about anyone who wants to awaken his inner strength can follow the Kundalini Yoga discipline. A person who wants to minimize the effects of stress in his life or who wants to attain a higher level of meditation or self knowledge can take on Kundalini Yoga. Unlike other stress relievers which are not only expensive but requires a person to get out of the house, Kundalini Yoga can be practiced for free and even in the confines of the home. 

Hatha Yoga, which was first introduced in the 15th century by Yogi Swatmarama, was meant to help yoga practitioners start off with purifying their bodies before proceeding to a higher level of meditation. It is said that Hatha Yoga is similar to Raja Yoga which follows the principle of yama which refers to moral self discipline or control. 

List all the things that you will need for your studio. You can Start with the basic equipments first then if you still have extra budget, spend it on things that will make your yoga studio more comfortable and relaxing. As a yoga instructor, you should know all the names of your students by heart. Treat each and everyone of them like your friend and never ever let them feel neglected if you do not want to lose students in the end. 

There are various ranges of motions for the joints. Many people mistaken as yoga as something that gives priority to the posture of every form of exercise. The truth is that the pose of every individual is just there waiting for the right time to be unleashed. You must encourage your students to do every form with comfort in order to attain success. 

True to its original meaning of eight limbs, Ashtanga Yoga follows the eight limbs identified with the discipline called yoga. The eight limbs poses can be found in the Yoga Sutras as detailed by Patanjili. Indian Sri Pattabhi Jois taught Ashtanga Yoga to his students but this type of yoga was started by Sri Krishnamacharya whose book known as Yoga Makaranda became the basis for the asana poses or sequences in Ashtanga Yoga.